French Translation

Looking for a professional translator? A linguist capable of translating your finely-crafted content into the language of your target market? You are in luck: that’s exactly who I am. I have been translating for more than 20 years and trust me: I know what you need. Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s a partial list of all the companies that trust me with their translation needs. So, get in touch and let’s talk.

Reaching the world

“The world is flat”, “The world knows no boundaries”, “Everyone is connected”, etc.

While this is all very true, humans still use approximately 6,000 languages to get about their daily lives and while many people “speak” English, today’s de facto lingua franca, the vast majority of humans always feel more comfortable speaking their own native-language. How do I know? I have traveled and lived in many countries on several continents and you should really keep in mind that a lot of people can’t really communicate more than basic ideas or conduct simple business in English when it is not their mother-tongue with nuance and subtlety flying out of the window most of the time.

I am Charles

I have been a translator for more than 20 years and I can guarantee you that I know what you need right now.

If you’re here, on my website, it’s because a) you are searching for a professional to repair some shingles on your roof (which means your googling skills are a bit off) or, more likely, b) you are searching for a French-native translator that will make sure that all those carefully crafted materials and contents you have created translate perfectly to the local cultures and context you are trying to reach.


The devil is in the details. Part I: lists

How do you translate a list of country names like the one below into French? Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain Seems simple enough, right? You just translate each word and boom, you’re done.  Well, yes and no. If you did just that, you would then get the following list: Belgique, Allemagne, Pays-Bas, Espagne This list is perfectly fine but …


Tell me what service (translation, proofreading or other) you need for what language(s) and your expected delivery date. I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.